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Labels, Labels, Labels

Since we're speaking of labels...I'm the kind of person who grew up being the "goody two shoes." And I never realized it before, but this morning I believe God showed me that that was a label and it's not supposed to be mine. Pastor Carl Lentz said that any label that the world gives us can be taken away. And it's true, because I had to work to keep that "good" label. And I think it went past my elementary school classrooms into my relationship with God. I worked to be "good." But then this morning, God showed me that I can't do that. Because I can't earn God's favor, love, approval, or acceptance. I can never be good enough to earn any of that, and God knew that! That's why He sent Jesus, to earn it for me. And now, because I believe in Jesus, I'm accepted. I needed to start wearing labels like "free," "joyful," "forgiven," "worthy," and tear off labels like "depressed," and "guilty." I've struggled to get friends to accept me- and probably to get God to accept me- but struggling is over when we realize everything from God is a gift of love. If you want to change your labels, just start by saying them out loud, right here, right now. Through Christ, you are free, joyful, forgiven, redeemed, purpose filled, beautiful, and chosen.

So. New label today. Accepted. Not because of what you do, but because of what Jesus already did for you.

Always Remember, You Are Loved,



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