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Stop Dumpster Diving

Stay out of the trash.


Stop dumpster diving.

Rachel, what are you even talking about?

Funny story. Not too long ago, I was talking to God about something that was bothering me... Now I like symbolism, and God knows I like symbolism, so that night, I symbolically threw away the things that were bothering me, and God symbolically threw them away in the dumpster. All to say, they were dead, gone — trash no longer in my life.

But that wasn’t all. Then I heard this phrase: Stop dumpster diving.

So here’s the thing. When you throw something away, something that you don’t need anymore, something that you don’t like anymore, do you go back in the trash and try to dig it back out? No! Trash is trash, so we keep it there.

Then why do we like to dumpster dive with other things in our lives? Why do we dumpster dive for past hurts? For past mistakes? For failures, for old images of ourselves, for old lies we used to believe —

Why do we like to dive back for the things that we let go of?

Friend, don’t dumpster dive. Maybe early this year, you let go of old things: old behaviors, old habits, old thinking patterns — but then you’ve realized you’ve started dumpster diving. You’ve started relying on things you threw away.

Friend, stay out of the trash. You are royalty, and royalty does not dig through trash. Whatever you threw away, keep it there. Stop digging through the trash.

Your future is too bright for that.


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