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Ain't got time for that

Ain’t got time for that.

I was thinking of this phrase the other day while driving to work.

Ain’t got time for that.

Now that usually means something inconsequential. Something we shouldn’t waste our time on.

So, do you know what we don’t have time for, beloved?

Guilt. We don’t have time for guilt.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Friend, listen up - we were never made to carry guilt. Ever. You were not made for guilt, condemnation, and shame. That is not what you were designed to carry. You were designed to carry joy, peace, and righteousness. That’s what you were designed to carry.

Before I continue, let’s define righteousness - it’s being right with God. It’s being at peace with God. It’s knowing that because of Jesus, right here, right now, God is not mad at you, God is not upset at you, and God holds absolutely nothing against you.

You were not meant to live life thinking that God is mad at you.

No, my friend - God loves you. And He holds nothing against you. So relax.

All of that to say that you, my friend, don’t have time for guilt. You don’t have time for shame. You carry too much purpose, too many divine assignments from heaven, and you have too much life to live to stay in guilt.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So whenever you feel guilty about something, know these three things:

1) God is not the one making you feel guilty. I know a lot of us wrongly believe that God wants us to feel guilty for every mistake so we never make it again - but that is the exact opposite of what God wants. Our Father wants us to know that He loves us, and every mistake we have made and will make has already been cleared away and forgiven at the Cross on Jesus.

2) God doesn’t want us to stay feeling guilty. We don’t have to stay guilty enough before we can ‘earn’ moving on. No friend. No no. The moment we feel guilty, we need to look back at Jesus and remind ourselves that we are already forgiven and all of our sins were punished on Him, so we shouldn’t and couldn’t punish ourselves by staying in guilt.

3) Guilt is not your friend. I believe to some degree, we all sort of just accept guilt and think it’s okay. No. We were not made for an ounce of it. Condemnation is not your friend. Constantly beating yourself up over every mistake is not what God wants for you.

So now that we’ve established that God does not want you in guilt and condemnation, remember these three things:

1) God loves you. He already forgave you at the cross. He punished every mistake on Jesus so today, you have no punishment, no judgment awaiting you- even when you make a mistake.

2) God doesn’t remember your mistakes. When He got rid of them on Jesus, He got rid of them completely and does not remember them at all. God sees you perfect.

3) God wants you to enjoy every single day of your life - and guilt has no place in it.

Friend, Pastor Joseph Prince once said this: “On the cross, God treated Jesus like the world’s worst sinner so that today, He could treat you like the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Now sliced bread is pretty amazing, and because of Jesus, God treats you that amazing. Sliced bread amazing. He loves you, friends. Somebody has already paid for your every mistake. Will you receive that love and forgiveness today, friend? I hope you do.

Remember, you are deeply and completely loved.


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