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As they went

Friend, let’s not be afraid and end up standing still.

You know moving forward can be scary?

Entering into the unknown (thanks Elsa), can be scary. But you know what I heard the other day? Keep on wenting. Basically, keep on moving forward. Keep on walking.

Okay okay, here’s the thing - there were ten lepers (leprosy - a very contagious and dangerous disease in Jesus’ day). They all wanted to get healed, so they went to Jesus. And Jesus said, “Go and show yourselves to the Priest,” and as they went, they were healed.

Sometimes, we come to Jesus and say, “heal me, prosper me, help me” and Jesus says, “Okay - now move forward.” But we stand still. So we don’t see what we’re asking for. We stand there, ask Jesus why nothing is happening, and all the while, Jesus is telling us to move forward - move forward like we are healed, prosperous, delivered, free -

Act on what He said.

The lepers weren’t healed by standing still. They were healed as they went - as they kept moving. As they acted like what Jesus said was true (which it always is).

So friend, maybe today, you’re asking why nothing has changed.

Friend, maybe it’s time to just move forward.

As they went. So go on and walk.

Remember, you are highly valued, and deeply, deeply loved.


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