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Celebrate now...and later too. But celebrate now.

Enjoy where you are while you get where you’re going.

Listen, friends, don’t miss today. I think, too enough, we play the “I’ll be happy when” game. I’ll be happy when I graduate. When I get married. When I date. When I have this job. When I move.

And right now, I need to tell you to let that go.

Friends, let’s be clear. There is nothing wrong with having dreams. We should have dreams. We should be believing in something bigger and better for our lives. But let’s not miss out on the moment.

Think of a woman who is pregnant. When is there the most hype about her pregnancy?

In the beginning. Think about it. We tend to celebrate a pregnancy the most right when she announces that she’s having a baby. This means that we celebrate the birth of a person nine months before they even arrive. While this child is still basically a seed, we rejoice.

Doesn’t that seem odd? Because, logically, we should wait until we see the child. We should wait until the child is born, and we can hold them, and see them, but no. We start celebrating before we can even tell that they have a face. We start celebrating now.

Doesn’t that seem weird?

But doesn’t that also seem beautiful?

I mean, think about it. How come we don’t celebrate the beginnings of everything else as much as we celebrate the announcement of a pregnancy?

Now, I’m not trying to replace the wonder of a human being born, but I’m trying to make a point.

Friend, don’t just celebrate your dream when it’s fulfilled - when the dream is ‘born’. Celebrate it now, celebrate your life now, right at the beginning.

Maybe you’ve been discouraged about how small your dream seems. Don’t be - it’s a baby, and it’ll grow. Celebrate it now. Don’t wait until you see it. Because let’s be honest, half the fun of pregnancy is the planning (I think). It’s making a Pinterest board, making the nursery with all the colors you want, collecting blankets and gifts - in fact, we get so excited about a person we haven’t even met yet that we throw them another party later on - a baby shower! And yet, we haven’t even seen this baby.

I think maybe God wants us to get something; that we don’t have to wait to see something to celebrate it or to prepare for it.

Friend, no matter where your dream is, no matter what stage you’re in, celebrate it.

If we only waited until a baby was born to think about it, prepare for it, and dream about it, we would miss out on a lot of the precious moments: the first time hearing their heartbeat, seeing them on a sonogram, feeling them kick -

Friend, don’t miss it. Celebrate now.

Remember, you are deeply loved.


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