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Today, let’s talk about distractions.

I know I already did a post on this a couple of months ago, but I think it bears repeating because the thing about distractions is that they like to pop up. A lot.

Now, I’m not saying that everything out there is a distraction. I do not want you hyper-aware of them, thinking that any little thing that may not be going your exact way is a distraction. Sometimes they are. Sometimes, you stubbing your toe is just you stubbing your toe.

But, if you are maybe stressing over what to put in your sunflower shape bowl (mini lotions or something else?), chances are, you’re overthinking something.

Because, if we’re honest, a lot of things we think are important, aren’t that groundbreakingly important. Do you know what is important? Your dreams. Your hopes. Your passions. Do you know what’s not as important? If you’re putting the right thing in a sunflower-shaped bowl.

So, my doves, be aware – but not hyper-aware – of distractions. Was there something that you wanted to do today that would be working towards your dreams? Maybe you want to be more fit, so you want to work out. Or you want to write a book, so you want to write. Or you wanted to study to learn how to play an instrument, cook, start a business –

But then all of a sudden that glass bowl that holds those blue beads looks awful dusty, so you choose to take some time to dust it.

With all due respect, my friend – leave the bowl alone. You can always dust later. Your dreams are FAR more important than how clean any bowl is. And I know that sometimes, there are very real needs: children need to be fed, and clothed, and washed – kitchens should be clean, dinner should be on the table –

But don’t let everything take place of your dreams. Don’t let a glass bowl take the place of you going after a dream in your heart.

Take some time to follow your dreams. They are too important, my dove. Far too important.

And who knows? You may feel even more energized to clean after you’ve taken some time to follow your dream! You never know. Or, you may realize that a glass bowl doesn’t need to be that clean, and maybe you don’t even need the bowl at all.

So, my friends, I’m learning this as well. I wanted to clean my room today – which is perfectly fine. But I also wanted to blog – which is great! What was not great was trying to figure out what would fit perfectly in a sunflower-shaped bowl. That can literally wait. Blogging, going after my dream, is much more important and precious.

What’s your dream, beloved? And how will you begin to follow it?

And remember, you are so deeply and crazily loved by The Heavenly Father, and you know what? He wants you to fulfill your dreams even more than you do. He is on your side today, cheering you on, telling you to “Dream bigger – dream better – dream My dreams”.

And if you have no clue how to dream God's dreams, just ask. God will give you some huge dreams that are bigger than you can imagine. So big, that most of the time, you probably won’t see the whole picture. If we saw all the magnificence and the magnitude of His dreams for us, we would probably get scared and talk ourselves out of them! But God is a good Father and leads us one step at a time, so we never fear. Because as big as you think you can dream, God can dream bigger. Trust me.

As Bethel Music (From their album and song titled "Revival's in the air") says: "Revival’s in the air", my friends. Things are changing for the better. Get ready for good things coming your way, for you are deeply loved, deeply valued, and deeply needed in this world. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


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