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Distractions are - hey, what's on my feet?

Today, let’s talk about distractions.

Distractions. The first thing that popped into my head was Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec: “Kississippi – is that a bird?”

Let’s be honest; distractions can be fun. TV is a fun distraction – it makes us laugh, gives us some enjoyment –

But sometimes, I think we give ourselves logical distractions instead of following our dreams.

Let me give you an example. I wake up and say: I’m going to edit my manuscript (because there is another book)!

But then I get up and say: Oh, wait. I have laundry to fold. And wash. And then fold. And then the kitchen should be cleaned. Maybe I should also clean the floors. That sounds better, right?

These are all logical distractions. After all, things get done – the house gets clean – but sometimes, I think we allow ourselves to get distracted by even the most logical things in life that we don’t take the time to pursue our dreams.

I’m not saying that there’s not a time and place to clean. We should have clean clothes and dishes! But also make sure that you’re not giving yourself busy work, distracting yourself from following your dream.

So maybe, today, you don’t dust that dresser for the third time this week. Maybe today, you start writing that book. That movie. That play. Make that outfit. Write that song. Take that class.

Beloved, you have a dream for a purpose. Don’t let dusting take priority over it.

So what do you do if you find yourself getting distracted? Just remember that your dream is important. Remember that your Heavenly Father wants you to succeed and that all of your dreams are important to Jesus.

Remember, beloved one, you are deeply loved forever and always.


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