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Dream again

Beloved, it is time to start dreaming again.

It’s time to start dreaming big again.

It’s time to start dusting off those old dreams, hopes, movies, and stories and bring them back to life.

Today, I want you to imagine God reaching into your heart like it’s a bookshelf, and I want you to see Him picking up your oldest, dustiest dream, and I want you to see Him dusting it off and then breathing on the pages. I want you to see that dream take new life and sparkle and gleam again.

And then I want you to see God your Father smile at you and hand you your dream back and say: “Here. Go run with it.”

Beloved, it’s time to dream again. Do you know why you can dream big? Because you have a Heavenly Father Who loves you and is always on your side.

So, beloved, dream bigger. Dream better. Dream brighter.

Remember, you are deeply loved by God your Father.


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