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Enjoy the Process

Well, hello, my friends! I hope that this day finds you well!

Today, let's discuss the art of the process.

So, I’m in the process of writing a story that I quite enjoy, but as of right now, I can’t find a place to well, place it.

Basically, I’m writing a story with no foreseen home. And of course, that always leads to the question: Then what is this story for? Will I actually ever use it?

Do you all remember an earlier post, where we talked about how I’m pretty sure not every story I write will be used but that doesn’t mean it’s useless?

Friend, don’t fall into the trap that just because this doesn’t feel like “the” story, it’s not important. We get so caught up in the instantaneous, and I think we often fall into the wrong belief that if we don’t get the perfect story, the perfect photo, the perfect picture on the first try, then something is wrong with us.

Friend, nothing can be further from the truth. It’s all about the process.

Think of a good cup of coffee (or tea, whatever hot beverage you like best). We (or at least I) love that first cup of coffee in the morning. I love the smell, I love the taste - I love it! But there was a whole other process before I could get to that first taste. Like a large process. Planting, farming, grinding - there was a whole journey that went through those coffee grounds before I could take my first sip.

Now, I would never say to a cup of coffee: "Why weren’t you perfect as soon you sprouted up? How come we don’t just farm whole cups of coffee?"

As amazing as that sounds, that also sounds, well, a little unnatural. (Now I’m just laughing thinking of little farms of coffee mugs filled with fresh coffee). I mean, c’mon! Coffee grounds have a process. All of the good things in life have a process. How come we don’t just birth full-sized humans? For one, that sounds way more painful, and I haven’t even had a child yet. Secondly, we would miss so much of the process. We would miss those precious baby breaths, those cute laughs and smiles - we would miss so much if suddenly, God just said: “Here comes a full-sized adult”. That sounds terrifying. We don’t question that process.

So don’t question your artistic process. Don’t question the process of whatever dream you are reaching towards.

Like I’ve mentioned before, Undaunted was not a write it once, and here’s the perfect novel sort of thing. Oh no - that was like…eight drafts of the rewriting the same story. And you know what? I liked that. I’ve liked seeing things change and some things stay the same. Just because my first draft wasn’t the final draft doesn’t make it any less important.

You know, to get good wine, you need good grapes. But you don’t get good grapes the first year that you actually get grapes. Even then, you wait 2-3 years before you actually have grapes good enough to use for wine. Even then, wine gets better as you wait. This is all theoretical. I’ve never had wine, but I’ve heard a lot about it. Time makes the wine better. But it’s a process and one that people thoroughly enjoy when it’s done.

My friend, maybe you are feeling frustrated with yourself because you don’t see the right grapes. Relax. Don’t rush the process. Even if this isn’t the perfect story, perfect painting, perfect job position, trust in the process.

Sometimes, I think we beat ourselves up when we don’t see these quality grapes, and we try so, so hard to get the best grapes -

Friend, relax. Relax!

There’s a sermon by Pastor Prince - Let Go and Live The Vine Life. And there’s a part that always cracks me up. He says something akin to this: When Jesus sees a branch, fallen and not bearing grapes, He doesn’t kick it and say, "stupid branch!" He doesn’t make the branch feel bad for not bearing fruit or for being trampled on. Instead, Jesus always lifts the branch up. He lifts it up so that it can bear the fruit.

So maybe you’ve been feeling like a beaten-down branch. You feel trampled on, and like you’ve been left in the dust, and all your dreams just aren’t happening.

Friend, let Jesus lift you up. Imagine Him picking you up, and brushing you off, and then my friend, see Him supplying. See Him in charge of supplying all the fruit and all the flowers.

This doesn’t mean we do nothing. This just means we don’t put pressure on ourselves to perform. Rather, we trust that Jesus, The One Who loves us perfectly, will give us the wisdom, energy, and joy to get done whatever needs to get done.

No guilt here, my friend. If you’ve left a dream in the dust, imagine Jesus picking it up and handing it back to you. It’s never too late to start your dreams again. And as you start, see Jesus supplying each step of the way.

Remember, you are deeply loved, and Jesus never guilts you. So hand that guilt to Him so you can enjoy the abundant life He has for you.


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