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Goals and Dreams and Letting Go

So you know when you’re cleaning out a bunch of old things and you find a bunch of books and papers that you don’t need any more but then you find that one thing that makes you go wow? Do you know that feeling? That experience?

I hope so because that’s exactly what happened this morning.

I’ve been in the process of clearing out some old books and notebooks, and as I was flipping through the pages, I found a list that I made in middle school: my goals and dreams.

Probably written around when I was thirteen, this list had all my wildest hopes and dreams that I had at the moment, and I was stunned by what I saw.

I had accomplished some things.

In fact, I had accomplished four things:

- Have a book published, a book that will lift people up

- Get my poems published

- Get a degree, major in writing

- Want to live my life to the fullest

Actually, make that five things, because I have also accomplished this one:

- Learn how to sew

But here’s the thing -- here’s what made me say wow.

I lost this list. I lost this list who knows how many years ago (my guess is five). I haven’t looked at this list for five years and yet my dreams and goals came true.

Lesson to be learned?

When we forget and give up on our dreams, God doesn’t. I always knew that I wanted to write and publish books, but I didn’t recall putting it down as a goal. I also don’t recall when I decided that I wanted a degree in writing, but God did. Even though I lost this list, God knew this whole time and this whole time, this whole timeGod kept gently leading me in the direction of my dreams.

So here’s the thing, friends. Perhaps you have lost sight of your dreams -- literally and metaphorically. Maybe you don’t even remember what your dream was. No worries -- God does.

So God, I pray that you give everyone -- including me -- a revival of any lost dreams. You want us to accomplish these things even more than we do. Bring the vision back.

It takes letting go to move forward. I had to literally go through the process of letting go of old books to find my very literal list of dreams.

Whatever old thing you are holding onto today, I encourage you, let go. Your future, your hopes, your dreams are far too precious. Let go of whatever was holding you back. You know what they are. And I believe and declare that today, we all are moving forward into the bright futures we have ahead.

You are deeply and irrevocably loved.


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