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God cares for you.

There's a song that I really like, and I've mentioned it before on Instagram. It's called "The Blessing" by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes. Give it a listen. It is so good.

One of my favorite lines in that song is "He is for you", He being God.

He is for you. God is for you. Wow. God - Who created the Heavens and the earth, being for you. Not against you. For you. Not mad at you. For you. On your side.

Pastor Joseph Prince (this man is awesome), talked about how all fear comes from the way that we see God. A lot of times, we see God angry and harsh and stern - but He isn't! God is love, and love is kind. God has no anger for His children, because Jesus took it all on the Cross. And God cares for you. Like deeply, affectionately, never lets His eyes off you because He loves you so much cares for you.

God is for you and He cares for you. It's easy to forget me, I still got a lot of growing to do in learning this, but let's just begin by believing that:

God is for you and He cares for you.

Nothing can tear you apart from His Love.

You are loved,



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