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Grace to Dance Again

Good afternoon! Or morning. Or night, depending on whenever you read this. Good evening/morning/noon/dawn/dusk –

So a couple of months ago, I had a blog post idea and didn’t post it. But I remembered it today – felt it rolling around in me, reminding me –

And here’s the thing about the times that you’ve ever felt like you missed it. Your chance, your opportunity, the direction you were supposed to take –

I’m beginning to learn that it is truly impossible to miss God. Honestly. It’s just not possible. God is too big.

The other day, I felt so burdened, worried that my every misstep, if I just made one wrong turn, one wrong step – something awful would happen. Until I heard these gentle words:

“You can’t out-mistake My Grace. You are not that powerful.”

Now let me be clear. Through Jesus, God has given us all the power over all the enemy – but not over Him. It sounds weird, but yesterday, I truly was reminded that I’m not bigger than God. I simply do not have the power to mess up God’s plan for my life. I don’t! I don’t have that power.

And I promise you, friends, that burden of being afraid of making a mistake…left. I felt lighter. Because that is terrifying – thinking that one mistake on my part can throw God off course (and reading it over that even sounds silly to me). But that’s what I was believing, and it was making me miserable.

So, friend, you are not that powerful. You cannot ruin God’s plan for your life. You simply do not have that power. You are not bigger than God. Your job is not to be God. Your job is to be loved by God.

You know, I like babysitting. Children are refreshingly simple and honest (for the most part). It’s hard for them to hide what they feel, how they feel, or what they want. They, for the most part, tell it like it is.

And there’s one toddler who is oh so precious to me, who I’ve been looking after since she’s been a darling infant. Now she is a toddler, and she likes to run and jump and dance – and I end up spending a lot of my time making sure that in the midst of her having fun and spinning around in circles, she doesn’t fall and hit her head on a corner or anything sharp or hard.

I firmly believe that this is how God wants us to be. Now, in this scenario, we are the toddlers. The toddler that I babysit is unaware that she could fall and hit her head if she keeps turning in circles. All she knows is that she is having fun dancing, and there is another person there who is in charge of taking care of her. It is my job to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt. In all her playing, it is my job to look out for her.

It is God’s job to look out for you – not for you to look out for yourself. It is not your job to question your every step, your every decision, to analyze everything – it is your job to…dance. Spin. Have fun. It is God’s job to make sure that you don’t fall. And if you trip, He catches you.

And if you’re not convinced, think of it this way: how you would feel if you were babysitting a toddler (and if you don’t like babysitting or toddlers a lot, just pretend for a moment), and the toddler was constantly walking around as if on eggshells. You try to play with the child, but they look at you with fear and simply shake their head, and too afraid to dance or play, they just sit there, scared.

How sad would that be?

Pretty sad, if you ask me. Because the best part of childhood is having fun – it’s watching them play and just enjoy with no care in the world.

And I know that we all come to the place where we grow up, but we can’t let that become a heaviness we carry around. We can’t walk around like a child afraid to play. No, my doves, it is your job to dance and play, and it is your Heavenly Father’s job to catch you if you fall.

And you know what? He’s really good at it. God doesn’t let His children fall on their heads. He’s too good for that.

This wasn’t the post I was thinking of posting, but I like it! I hope this encourages you, lovelies. Dare to dance and play – follow your dreams. Don’t worry about making mistakes – hear the voice of Jesus – a gentle, kind, sweet voice – whispering to your heart as He smiles dearly at you:

“You, My friend, cannot out mistake My Grace. And you are deeply, utterly, and irrevocably loved.”


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