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Is what I do enough?

Good morning, my friends!

Today, let’s talk about giving.

Some people are just naturally great at giving gifts. Every package they send is excellent, every present they wrap is so beautiful, and the gift is perfect, and it always makes you feel loved and appreciated.

My best friend is like that. She is great at giving gifts. Every time she gives me a gift, I’m awed.

And then I end up feeling awful. Because my gift-giving skills aren’t as good.

It always seems like my gift isn’t personal enough, or just simply enough - not enough in quantity or quality. That no matter what I give, it just doesn’t measure up.

Sound familiar?

Well, friend, get ready to be encouraged!

I was having a little gift-giving dilemma last night. We are all taught that we should give and give generously. But I’m also learning that you can give without really meaning it, and honestly, that sort of takes away from the purpose of giving. So, I’m trying to make sure that my gifts are meaningful, and not given out of some obligation or guilt (because really then, it’s not a gift. It’s a form of payment).

And yet, I wanted to make sure that I was giving enough.

Just a side note: if you are ever having thoughts that whatever thing you are doing isn’t enough, that’s just a lie trying to keep you condemned and guilty. If you are going around saying or thinking, “I haven’t given enough, I haven’t prayed enough, I haven’t read my Bible enough, I haven’t spent enough time, money, energy on my family-”

Guilt, guilt, guilt! You know, that’s what the enemy does - accuses you. Constantly pointing out what you haven’t done right and even if you did do something right, he will tell you that is not enough. So let’s just knock that guilt right out of there and know that no matter what you do, it’s not about your good works. It’s all about The One perfect work at The Cross - what Jesus did. Dying on The Cross for all our sins and mistakes and giving us His free gift was Righteousness was MORE than enough. So I don’t have to do enough. Jesus already did more than enough.

So. I was having this gift-giving dilemma, feeling bad about not wanting to give up an item that I really liked when God went on to show me that giving isn’t just in material things, like presents or money. Sometimes, it’s time. It’s energy.

Maybe you aren’t exactly excellent at picking out the perfect gift for someone. May I encourage you? You’re probably a great giver of time. For example, if you were in the middle of doing something for yourself, such as eating or getting dressed or just watching TV, but then a friend called, needing to talk to you, and you chose to talk to them - you just gave them the gift of time.

Sometimes, people don’t need another “thing”. Sometimes, they just need you.

Remember, friend, no guilt is from God. No guilt over you today! No matter what you’re facing, know that what Jesus did for you, dying and taking our sins away forever, giving you His free gift of being right with God, of being at peace with God, and His absolute, unfailing love for you -

That is more than enough.


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