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It's a scam

"It’s a scam likely."

There’s a song that’s been stuck in my head for the past two days. I’ll tell you exactly what it is: Scam Likely by Torey D'Shaun & nobigdyl. It’s a really fun song; I suggest giving it a listen. But one of the lyrics is: “Okay, I picked up my phone and heard that errybody liked me God hit my line and said "it's a scam likely".

I couldn’t stop singing that one lyric: "It's a scam likely." My brother will attest to that. It was probably getting annoying, but that’s all that I heard! I kept hearing that and hearing that until finally, I asked God: is there something I’m supposed to be getting here?

And I heard this:

All those fears, all those thoughts are just a scam. It’s a lie.

Ignore it.

Listen, my friends, my precious doves, maybe this is just for me, but I don’t believe that’s true. Maybe there’s somebody out there who is facing some fears and having some thoughts-

I’m here to tell you that it’s scam likely.

When you get a scam call, what do you do?

You ignore it. We don’t listen to scam calls, do we? We have whole apps to protect us from scam calls so that when somebody scammy tries to call, we know not to answer it.

Stop answering your phone, my friend. Whatever fears you may be facing, whatever thoughts have been running through your head - fearful and worrisome thoughts - toss that phone call to Jesus. You stop answering that call. You toss that care to Jesus and let Jesus handle that call. Because trust me, He will handle that call so well the scammer won’t want to mess with you again.

It’s a scam, my friends. Stop answering that phone call of fear, worry, and doubt. Let Jesus answer it. Trust me, I’m learning too! But let’s learn to toss every scam call to Jesus.

Again, my friends, this is not me trying to belittle whatever you are going through. I know that fears and worries can really weigh you down. But I only want you to understand that with every fear, thought, or worry we have, we can let it go to Jesus. Do you know why we can toss every scam call to Him? Because He cares for us. He doesn't want us bothered or burdened, so we can let Him take care of them. Today, believe that Jesus loves you and wants to take care of you. Believe that God is for you and not against you. Believe that Jesus is on your side and believe that whenever something spammy or scammy comes along, just toss it right to Him. As Pastor Joseph Prince shared, make it into a game. As quick as you can, just toss that care. How do we do that? I like to picture it. I like to pretend in my mind that I have a care - like a ball in my hand - and then I toss it to Jesus. And He always catches it.

So, today, let's toss. See Jesus picking up the phone instead of you. See Him holding that care instead of you. And now that it's not in your hands, it's not your problem anymore - it's His! And there is nothing that Jesus can't handle, and there is nothing that Jesus won't face or won't take care of you for you, no matter how big or how small.

Remember, you are so utterly and deeply loved.


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