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More chapters!

What else is there to say about chapters?

Just a little bit more.

I think it’s important that we keep talking about chapters because chapters are very important in a book. They help organize the natural progression of your novel.

A couple of days ago, we talked about how to divide your manuscript up into chapters. But if you’re having trouble with that, then let’s talk about it some more!

So, I talked a lot about breaking your writing up before significant events or after significant events, and maybe that didn't make sense to you. So, let me give you an example:

In Undaunted, the main character (Cody) is taken to the clinic to get tested for an STD. So, in one chapter, it ends with Cody leaving to get tested and the very chapter is the results of that test.

Breaking it up this way creates suspense; it makes you want to read to the next chapter!

Try to create suspense when you are dividing your work into chapters. Obviously, the end of every chapter doesn’t need to end in suspense (because depending on your work, you may not have a ton of suspense in your novel). But I think we should try to end each chapter by making the reader want more. My favorite books are the ones that I keep having to turn to the page for (“I need to read another chapter!”). That’s the goal; to have people keep reading!

So, when dividing your work, beloved, think about making sure that each chapter ends with your reader wanting more.

And if this doesn’t seem to work for whatever book you’re writing, no fear! No worries! Think logically, beloved. Like I said yesterday if the reading seems to go on and on and on and your eyes are getting tired and even you are getting tired reading your work, then maybe you should add some chapters.

If you are consistently switching between characters, and they always have a good chunk of text, break into chapters every time you switch characters. If you are moving between the past and the present, break into a new chapter every time you switch.

Remember, this isn’t a science. Go with the flow. You are essentially just making your book easier to read. Don’t overthink it.

Remember, you are deeply loved.


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