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Not getting distracted by distractions. It's possible.

Ah, happy Spring, my friends! Where I was sitting today, the sun is warm and bright, and here’s something I hear rolling around in my Spirit again: “Revival’s in the air…Oh, I can feel redemption on the wind…” (“Revival’s in the air” by Bethel Music, from their album Revival’s in the air).

Things are changing, my friends, changing for the better. Get ready.

So, Happy Spring!

So, on Friday, I left you all with some advice to avoid distractions. I know I talked about not getting distracted by distractions but you may be asking yourself:

“How do I do that?”

Well. I’ve asked that question too. And you’ve heard me mention him before – but Pastor Joseph Prince has a whole sermon on it (entitled Distracted and depressed? Help is on the way!)

And I constantly have to remind myself of two things he spoke about:

Do one thing at a time and see the supply, not the demand.

Do one thing at a time. Sometimes, we get distracted by simply trying to do too many things at once. We pride ourselves on multitasking. But there comes a point where multitasking simply isn’t successful, and it’s stressful. So do one thing at a time. If I feel rushed or hurried, I try to just pause and say: what’s the one thing I want to do right now? Sometimes, it may just be having a glass of water and taking a minute to just relax. Then, the next thing can come. But don’t try to live eighty steps ahead. Live in the moment. Do one thing at a time.

If you’re in the middle of doing something and you remember to do something else, finish what you are doing first and then move on (something I’m still learning!)

See a supply, not a demand.

My friend, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Whatever needs to be done today, whatever is most important, trust that God will supply you the energy, the wisdom, the joy, the peace to do what needs to be done. Don’t demand anything of yourself. Try not to tell yourself “I have to do this, I have to do that”.

And you know what? Maybe the one thing that needs to be done is...nothing. Maybe it's for you to enjoy the warmth, to sit outside with a glass of lemonade, and just enjoy. As I've also learned from Pastor Prince, rest is holy, my friends. God rested and He never gets tired - we should rest.

Like I said on Friday, things do need to be clean, people need to be fed…but don’t see yourself as the one supplying. See yourself under a constant flow – picture God just continually flowing to you whatever you need.

Pastor Prince had a vision from God. He said he saw golden pipes from Heaven, and they were labeled everything that we need: joy, health, prosperity, wisdom and they were constantly flowing, pumping out what we need. The supply was always coming. But as soon as we begin to worry about that supply (“where’s my peace? I don’t feel peaceful! WHERE’S THE MONEY?”), it’s like we take the pipe and squeeze it, yelling at the supply to come out, when really, it was supplying all along!

So friend, whatever you need today, see God supplying it for you. You were not meant to carry that burden of supply. All you are is a recipient of God’s goodness.

So, if you are feeling torn apart, take a minute and literally stop. Just pause for a moment and breathe and see God supplying whatever you need at the moment. Peace, wisdom, joy, health, strength, and then just believe that God is giving it to you right now at that moment.

And don’t demand from yourself, beloved. Whatever really needs to get done, will get done. Trust that God cares about you and wants to supply.

So today, let’s let go of those pipes – whatever pipe you are holding unto – and let God supply.

Remember, you are deeply, and fully, and completely and utterly loved.


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