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Revival's in the Air

Happy 2021.

Today let’s talk dreams.

I know, we’ve discussed dreams before, but let’s talk dreams again. Let’s talk about dreaming more, dreaming bigger, dreaming better. Because this is a new year, beloved. Let’s expect new things.

Maybe 2020 was a really, really rough year for you. I dare you to dream big. Actually, right now, I ask that Father God impart to you new dreams, new hopes, and new desires. I ask that Father, You show everybody the new things that You have for them this year. Father, help us to dream bigger and better – to see what You see.

So now, let’s expect. Expect big dreams. Whatever your biggest dream is, make it bigger. Make it impossible for you to fulfill because that’s when God can step in and do it for you.

And by that, I mean that you will be able to step back and say “I have no clue how that dream came to pass. It could only be God.”

This doesn’t mean you sit and do nothing, but you do what God has supplied you and Graced you to do. See Him supplying everything that needs to be done.

So, dream big. What’s your biggest dream? Just right now, what is your biggest dream? Now imagine God – smiling at you and saying to you “Beloved, tell Me your dream so I can make it bigger. Dream bigger.”

And then tell Him. I don’t care how out of the box that dream may seem – those are the kind of dreams that God loves!

So, dream big. Dream bigger. Dream brighter. Beloved, I know that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us. It’s been rough. But it’s over now. It’s done. And it’s not coming back. Expect life this year. Expect new life imparted into you this year.

Remember, you are deeply, irrevocably, and unconditionally loved by The Ultimate Father, Who will never hurt nor disappoint you.


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