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Sheep have all the fun and branches hold the flowers

This one of those statements that got my attention. Late at night, wondering why things seemed so hard when I realized that really, I was just making things hard. Friend, if there's one thing I've learned recently, it's that we end up worrying about things that never actually happen. And if that's you, don't feel bad about it! I'm learning, we are all learning. And you know, Jesus doesn't guilt you for being worried. He just loves you so much that He doesn't want you to worry. He wants you to be a sheep that has fun, a branch that holds flowers, a person that enjoys all the gifts that come with being God's child. But this is what I heard one night: "Sheep have all the fun and branches hold the flowers." Essentially, God was telling me that I wasn't actually in charge. Sometimes we walk around acting like we have to make sure we do everything right, we have to make sure we produce this fruit, we we we - and man it's exhausting. That's tiring and very frustrating. And that's because, you, my friend, are not the Shepherd. You don't guide yourself. You are not the Vine. You don't supply to yourself. We are the sheep - the cute sheep that follow the footsteps of our Kind Shepherd, Who only leads us to good and peaceful places. We are the branch - the extension of the Vine, the part that only receives all the life and energy. The results? Flowers. Beautiful flowers. Lovely flowers. And what happens when we are simply led by our Good Shepherd? We find peace, provision, and wholeness. Friend, don't be all in a tizzy about trying and trying and trying to make sure you do the right thing, and get this done, and get that done - no. Let's trust Jesus, our Good Shepherd to lead us to the right places, and as our Living Vine, to supply all the life and energy that we need. And then, let us enjoy the flowers.

Remember, you are so deeply loved by your Heavenly Father, Who only wants the best for you. He loves you and is always on your side, protecting you, loving you, and cheering you on. My friends, let's remember to let go and let our Father simply love us.


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