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Simply Shadows

Do you remember that scene in Mulan? The original Disney version? Where Mushu tries to make himself look like a big dragon, but then, when the smoke clears away, Mulan finds out that he isn't as big as he said he was? Today, I think God is telling us that the fears we have, a lot of things that we see, are simply shadows. It's the enemy projecting himself bigger than he is, and while it looks scary, if we just notice it's a shadow, we will realize that things are different than they seem.

Last night, I was reminded, once again, that the answer to fear is love. I don't know what fears you may be facing today, but know this: you are not facing your fear alone. You have a God in Heaven, your Father, Who loves you personally. He loves you personally and individually. He is not a generic God. Again, I was reminded last night that even if I was the only person on earth, God would've sent Jesus to die for me. Friend, God loves you individually. He sees, knows, and understands your every tear, your every fear. The other day, I heard this: "You are not a face in the crowd. He is not an angry God mad because of your fear - He is a caring God Who wants to lead you out of your fear with His love."

So, beloved, know this today: you are deeply loved by God - your Father - Abba. Abba is Hebrew for Father - it really means "Daddy". That's how close God is to us now, because of Jesus. We call Him Daddy. Not just God - but our Father - our Daddy God. And you know what? Our Daddy God is bigger than any dragon.


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