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Stay in Today

Good evening, my friends. A quick note before we wind down for the evening.

Stay in today. How often do we waste today living in tomorrow? Too often, I suppose. I catch myself doing that a lot; I’ll be in the present and then I start thinking ahead:

Oh, that’ll be fun on Tuesday. Oh, next week I have that planned - oh I will really enjoy that! And what’s happening tomorrow?

Friend, no. I know it can be hard, but let’s try to stay in the day. Stay in the present.

There is nothing wrong with planning - by all means, make sure you plan dinners, plan to pay bills, save money away - but don’t wait to live.

Beloved, you have too much life to live now. I think we make the mistake of thinking that the next big event is where our joy begins. No friend, our joy begins now. In today. Don’t wait until the next birthday to celebrate (or to eat cake). I also learned this from Pastor Joseph Prince (not about the cake. That’s what I think). Jesus tells us to literally not to worry about tomorrow.

Not worry about tomorrow? But c’mon! We have bills and schedules and jobs!

But let’s not miss the rest of what Jesus said.

“For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.”

Believe it or not friend, God actually knows everything that you will ever need in this lifetime. And more than that, He knows how to get you what you need. So don’t worry.

I know, I know, it’s a lot easier said than done. But friend, it all comes down to knowing God’s love for you, and His absolute heart for you. He cares for flowers, won’t He much more care for you? His beloved child?

And the answer to that is yes. Yes; God, Who cares about flowers, will care for you.

Beloved, listen - God wants you to enjoy today. Right here, right here.

You know, we have a lot to learn from I'll tell a story about the precious child I watch.

One day, we were simply outside. It was a beautiful day; it was sunny, and the breeze was just right. Flowers were growing (mainly weeds that look like flowers). But they looked pretty enough, and this precious girl got so excited seeing them. She began running around in circles and saying loudly, “Look at all the flowers! Look at the beautiful flowers!” The joy on her face was astounding, but I think we can learn from her. I know I did. I started running in circles with her, saying, “look at the flowers!”

So beloved, breathe. Learn to enjoy everything - all the little things. The flowers, the sun, the breeze. Learn to enjoy your family now - sitting with them now, watching TV with them now -

I know it is so easy to get into worry. It is so easy to start living in tomorrow. No, my friend - live in today. Focus on today. And I promise you, whatever you need tomorrow, Jesus will supply. He promises.

So beloved, stay in today. Enjoy right now. And if that’s hard, trust me, I get it! But let’s start somewhere. Let’s start with breathing. Just take in a deep breath and know that the same God Who set all the stars in the sky, is the same God whispering to your heart that He loves you and cares for you. As a parent, the greatest thing is to see your children enjoying themselves and having fun (I imagine this. I mean, as a babysitter, I enjoy seeing the children have fun). God is the perfect, most loving Father, and I really believe that the greatest thing we can “do” for God is to enjoy everything that He has given us. Our family, our friends, our jobs - laughing, I believe, is a favorite thing for God to hear. That’s just a personal belief. I believe that God loves hearing us laugh. Because I think that when we laugh, when we truly have a carefree let go laugh, it tells God that we believe in His love for us. That even if there are problems around us, we believe in His love so much, that we know He will take care of us. So instead of worrying, we laugh. We enjoy.

Tonight, beloved, let’s breathe and laugh. Know that God loves you and is on your side. Know that God longs to take care of everything troubling you tonight. So tonight, relax in His love for you. Whatever is troubling you, toss it to Him. Bills, children, thoughts, your job, feelings - just toss them to Him and watch Him handle it. He loves taking care of things for you. Truly.

One more story and I’ll let you guys go.

I wanted lotion. I really wanted Bath and Body Works Body Cream. Like four different kinds. Every logical part of me said, “Rachel, you don’t need it. It’s just something you want. It’s kind of frivolous.”

But of course, I wanted it. I wanted that lotion so bad. All the scents sounded amazing!

But I didn’t get them. Instead, I ended up talking to a friend about things, and brought up the lotion in jest. And she said that she wanted to treat me to the lotions that I wanted! Now, I didn’t tell her about this lotion dilemma to get something from her. But her exact words were:

“God told me to buy these for you.”

So I went shopping for my body lotions. Afterward, I got in my car and heard this:

Thank you.

And I got very confused. So I asked, “What for?”

And I heard:

For letting Me bless you.

Oh, beloved, if we could only truly understand how much God loves us - we would be a lot happier! But it’s not too late to start believing right. Friend, God loves you and wants to take care of you. Tonight, just open your heart wide - as wide as you possibly can. And even if all you can do is believe a little, believe the little that you can, and watch God take care of you.

Remember, you are deeply loved.


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