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Attached To The Vine

Photo by Nika Akin on Unsplash
Photo by Nika Akin on Unsplash

"Just because something looks healthy, doesn't mean it's healthy."

This is what I heard this morning while sitting in bed, playing with my hair, admiring that it looked healthy. And then I heard this. And if you're wondering where this story is going, I should probably mention that I have spent nearly the past two months in a terrible confusion trying to hear God's voice correctly, constantly worrying if I was hearing that right thing. So this morning I heard this. And God prompted me to when Jesus came upon the tree that looked healthy, but had no fruit. And God showed me that I have not been bearing fruit because I had separated myself from Him. I was trying to do life on my own without His help. I made my walk with God a religion, not a relationship. So this is all to say that we need to do what Jesus said, stay connected to Him. And I believe that we do that when we "continually let" His "love nourish your hearts" (John 15:9). So this is all to say that God wants your heart more than whatever rules you've set up for yourself. Let God love you and then just love Him back. It's healthier that way. Thank You, God for patiently loving me through all my failures and pride.

Always Remember, You Are Loved,



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