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Welcome! I'm so excited to see you here! (Metaphorically, speaking, of course). Hopefully, this blog will encourage you, lift you up, and remind you that life is beautiful and good.

I've never written a blog this will be a journey for all of us.

And yes...I already have some posts up from Instagram. But this is my official welcome post.

My name is Rachel, by the way, and I love to write. That's why I'm doing this website: to write (and also showcase writing).

I think that's enough of a welcome, don't you think? You got my name, my reason for starting this website, what I hope this blog will do, one of my favorite things to do -

So welcome. Welcome you, and you, and you and you and you - you all in the way back welcome to you too.

Welcome to a website where hopefully, above all, you will learn this:

You are loved.


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