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What a Novel Idea...

This announcement is a little late, but in case you haven't heard....there's a novel coming out.

Eight years ago, I sat down at my computer and asked God for an idea to write about. And Undaunted came out.

Well, I didn't know it was Undaunted at the time, but God did!

So this July 2nd, get ready for the release of Undaunted!

And let me just take a moment and remind you how long it took for this dream to become a reality. Eight years.

Eight years. Maybe there's a dream that you aren't sure is going to happen. Maybe a dream seems like it's taking a long time. Don't give up. God gave you that dream for a reason. Your dream will come to pass at just the right time.

I had wanted to finish this book in high school - but that wasn't the right time.

Beloved, God cares for you and wants that dream to happen more than you do. He wants all the dreams and plans He has to come to pass. So don't give up. Keep believing.

You are loved.


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