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This month I'm reading The Power of Right Believing: 7 Keys to Freedom from Fear, Guilt, and Addiction, by Pastor Joseph Prince. I'm only into the second chapter, and each time I end up crying when I realize God's love for me. This book is for everyone. If you any form of worry or fear in your life, READ THIS BOOK! God's love changes everything. 

To the mixed girl who feels like she doesn’t belong -To the college student who feels stuck between childhood and adulthood -To the person who feels like life has beaten them down one too many times -This book is for you.I Have Something to Say is a collection of honest, insightful, and encouraging poetry that will leave you feeling understood in your current situation while inspiring you to rise above it. These are more than just poems – they are proud declarations of empowerment meant to awaken the champion inside of you. Whatever your voice may sound like, this book will leave you proclaiming to the world that you have something to say.


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